Why BidmyGlasses?

Eyeglasses and eye examinations are successful daily deals for Groupon(r) and LivingSocial(r).  Some highly discounted eyeglass offers connect with hundreds of consumers.  The problem is the flood, no tsunami,  of deeply discounted customers.  Daily deal consumers want their eyeglasses … right away.  Sometimes the need has been postponed for a long time.  Other instances the consumer just needs new eyeglasses.  For the optometrist the flood of calls is a problem.  Normal customers are pushed away.  Everyone with a coupon wants an appointment this week.  How do you fit hundreds of call into 16 daily appointments?

BidmyGlasses solves this problem.  Optometrist set aside three or four difficult to fill exam times each day for BidmyGlasses.  We bring together the un-insured cash paying patient that needs help and wants a deal.  Optometrists get to fill the difficult appointment times.  The customer gets a bargain.

But, more importantly, it’s an even flow of new customers.  No tsunami.  The doctor controls the appointment times, the flow per day, and the offers.

The customers prepay for the appointment.  Eye exams are easily postponed and “no shows” are not good for business.  With BidmyGlasses the customer prepays and knows the exam fee is nonrefundable and unchangeable.  Optometrists  get paid for no shows.  Good customers get savings.

Daily deal tsunami or just fill your open exam times with cash paying customers?

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