Why are Eyeglasses so Expensive?

Because you want to see better and look younger.  The average person spends $226 on eyeglasses*.  The range goes from $29 to over $700.  Eyeglasses are personal.  They complement you, your complexion, and hair color.  Eyeglasses can make you look younger or a lot older.

Eyeglasses Basic Average Top End
Frames $25 $50 $150
Frame Material $25 $25 $100
Lens $20 $40 $70
Lens Material $20 $25 $75
Eye and Lens Protection $10 $90 $300
TOTAL $100 $230 $695

What kind of frames? 

Basic, designer, or fashion frames.  It’s all about looking good.  Basic frames are available for $25.  Designer frames for $50 and fashion frames can cost $150 or more.  What works for you? What brings out your character?

Plastic, metal, or high-tech frames?

Expensive Eyeglasses

Why So Expensive?

Plastic works but you might want the more attractive look of metal or the comfort of flex-materials.  Expect to pay $25 to $100 or more.

What kind of Lens?

A professional optician will recommend the lenses for your needs.  Single vision readers work. Bifocal lens help you see both near and far.  Progressive lens help you look younger.

What lens material?

Your appearance is very important.  Strong corrective lenses can be heavy and thick.  Super thin, ultra lightweight lens cost more but you’ll look … yes … much younger.

What eye and lens protection do you need?

New high-tech coatings make a difference.  Scratch resistant coatings, anti-glare, UV, tints, polarized lens, and even new high-definition edge-to-edge lenses can make you more comfortable.

What’s an Optician?

Your local optometrist office staff includes a professional optician.  This person knows eyeglasses and is available to advise you at no additional charge.  They will recommend the frames, materials, and lenses that work best for you, make you look younger, and stay on budget.  Basic, average, or top end … your eyeglasses are expensive.  You really want a personal fitting and professional advice.  Your eyeglasses will fit perfectly and compliment your looks with the advice from a professional optician at your local eye doctor’s office.

About Promotion Offers

Be careful about qualified savings offers.  Second pair free and $200 off premium lens can appear valuable.  But, some offers require spending $400, $500 and more to get all the savings.  Be sure to note the purchase requirements.  Is the discount for just frames?  Just lens?  Or, the entire purchase?

About BidmyGlasses

We help eye doctors fill open exam times.  If your schedule fits one of these special exams then you can save a lot of money.  You pick the doctor, the date, the time-of-day, and select from savings that fit your budget.

(*) An eye exam and eyeglasses average $360.  That’s $134 for the eye exam and $226 for the eyeglasses.   As we get older mew eyeglasses help us see better.  Good eyeglasses also help us look younger.  BidmyGlasses makes the process easier, more comfortable, and saves money along the way.   

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