Why are Eyeglasses so Expensive? Part 2

Because Good Eyeglasses Make You Look Younger

Spend $20 on drug store readers and you may regret it.  We’re older and need eyeglasses but we don’t have to look like grandparents.  Here’s what to expect if you want to see better and look younger.

Eye Exam

$134 is the US average.  It takes about half-hour and lots of high tech equipment so you get exactly what you need and you will be confident that’s all you need.

Eyeglasses … frames, lenses, and coatings

Frames … we’re not talking underwear.  Frames sit on your nose and become a focal point for your appearance.  Frames cost $20 to $300 and the more you spend the better you’ll look.  Opticians in your local eye doctor’s office will help you for free.  It’s their job.  Five things they know that will help you look younger:

Expensive Eyeglasses

Why So Expensive?

  1. A shape to compliment your appearance
  2. A color to highlight your complexion, hair and eyes
  3. A design for your personality
  4. A size to fit comfortably
  5. Materials to match you needs … plastic, aluminum, steel, titanium, memory metals

Lenses … single-vision lenses cost $30.  Spend $100+ and get light-weight, scratch resistant, no-line progressive lenses.  Here’s the point.  You want the thinnest, lightest, most comfortable lenses possible.  You will wear them 16-18 hours each day so get this part right.  Even if you need high-index (thick) lenses avoid the thick coke-bottle lenses and get the thin polycarbonate lenses.   Thick lenses will make you look old.  If you want extra comfort consider photochromic lenses.

Coatings … this isn’t about some magic clear-coat for a new car.  This is high-tech working for you.  Take the UV coating because now that you are wearing eyeglasses a few bucks for UV coating may delay cataracts for a few years.  Anti-glare coating will help your lenses be almost invisible.  It’s about your beautiful eyes not your lenses.  Then consider anti-fog coating if you work around temperature changes.

The average spend is $360 for an eye exam + eyeglasses.  You can look a lot younger spending a bit more.  Everything will look better … your computer, your smartphone, and you.

Get A Deal

If you want to save then look for a daily deal or check out BidmyGlasses.  If you can make one of these exams work for you then you will save a lot of money.

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