When Patients look for Optometrists … you are not there

59% of patients look for optometrists online after regular Monday-Friday, 9-5 office hours. Only 41% of patients search during regular office hours for an eye doctor and eye exams.

Life is busy. Working moms looking for family eye care are online early mornings and evenings. Interestingly, the two busiest times are early morning before work (6-8a) and late evenings after primetime television and the family is in bed (10-11p CDT). Moms paying bills, taking care of family business, and looking for vision care.

Eye Exams

Patients looking for eye doctors when you are not there

Thursday is the busiest day of the week both during office hours and after. Saturday and Sunday are busier than any weekday during regular office hours.


1. Allow patients to book exams online. Help more patients book exams in real time, immediately, when they are ready and willing. Not online with your exam calendar? BidmyGlasses can help add your real-time calendar to your website.

2. Join BidmyGlasses. We’ll help you fill your open exams without discounting all your exam times. We can even help you fill same-day open exams. We work 24/7 to fill every day of your calendar.

Nationally, 40-million eye exams expire un-used every year while 90-million adults skip annual vision care. Why? It is complicated to find a better optometrist, negotiate an appointment, book-an-exam, and expensive if your employer does not provide vision insurance. Patients will fill your schedule if you make it easier for them.

BidmyGlasses can help everyone do better.

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