What’s the Best Eye Exam?

Finding the best eye exam can be easy, with BidmyGlasses.com

The best eye exam may not be the closest eye doctor, the first web search result, or the even a friend’s recommendation.  The best eye exam may not even be the cheapest or FREE if you have to take a special day off work or wait 2-hours in the reception area.

Selecting and booking an eye exam can be frustrating.

First, you’ll need to find a comfortable eye doctor.

Second, you’ll need the phone number.

Third, perhaps most difficult, you’ll need to call during normal business hours and negotiate a mutually acceptable appointment time.

Usually, that’s a time that fits the optometrist’s schedule not yours.  When you are done making the eye exam, you will have no idea how much the eye exam will cost and forget about a coupon discount.


BidmyGlasses makes it much easier to get your best eye exam. Doctors bid for your eye exam, so all you have to do is choose the doctor, location, date, time, and price online without calling several doctor offices.

Check out our website.  Select a date that fits your schedule.  Pick a location or zip code close to work, school, or home.  We’ll show you multiple eye exams that you can book immediately, online, 24/7.  You’ll see the doctor’s picture and a biography.  You can choose exams by date, specific exam-times, real pricing, immediate purchase discounts, and coupons good toward the purchase of lenses and frames.

No waiting to call when the doctor’s office is open.  No more calling around to get an appointment that fits your schedule.  We’ve taken care of that.  We’ll even remind you by email and text 2-hours before you exam time.

The best eye exam is the one that makes you comfortable, meets your schedule, works for your location, and fits your pocketbook. BidmyGlasses can do that for you.


ABOUT BidmyGlasses

BidmyGlasses helps find nearby eye doctors and instantly book an appointment online, anytime 24/7. BidmyGlasses works with local optometrist to fill unused appointments and secures special prices and merchandise discounts for patients that want to save money.  BidmyGlasses was founded in 2012 and currently serves a population of 954,000 people in Kingwood, Humble, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, and Tomball Texas.

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