Vision Insurance

If you are considering health care options then think about your vision insurance.  If your employer provides FREE vision insurance then you are very fortunate.  If you are paying $15 – 20 /month for vision insurance than consider your options.  You can shop daily deals, second pair free offers, and BidmyGlasses to get equal or better benefits.

Vision Care Costs

The average US eye exam costs $134 for the doctor’s examination.  Patients generally spend $226 for eyeglasses.   But with designer frames, advanced lenses, lightweight materials, and special coatings for glare and sun shading the cost of eyeglasses can be much higher.

Vision Insurance generally provides FREE annual eye exams.  Some plans do have a $25 co-payment.  Vision insurance premiums run $15/month or $180 annual premiums.   Most vision insurance plans include a discount of 20% up to $100 toward eyeglasses.

Walmart is an aggressive vision care provider with eye exams as low as $49.  For comparison the price of eyeglasses at Walmart is shown with a 20% discount.  If you are comfortable with the doctor and the basic office exam then you can save a lot of money.

Daily Dealers like Groupon, LivingSocial, Google Offers, and Amazon Local usually run one or more eye exam offers each month.   Look for a $249 savings package for $49 buy in.  Be careful about the fine print and premium purchase requirements.

BidmyGlasses offers eye exams as low as $65 and coupons/credit toward eyeglasses for as much as $100 or more.  Schedule an eye exam online anytime that fits your schedule.  Choose a doctor that is comfortable for you.  A professional optician will help you choose eyeglasses that compliment your appearance, complexion, and hair color. You’ll look younger and see much better.   Doctors cannot offer these savings on every exam but if you can make your schedule work then you’ll save a lot of money.

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