Tips for Choosing your next Eye Exam

You only see an eye doctor every two or three years. Likely you or the doctor has moved. Maybe you both have moved. Start with the zip code near home, work or school. Select a date when you can visit the doctor. Book ahead and get this done on your next free day. You will save a lot of money if you can make one of these special exams work for you.


BidmyGlasses works with local optometrists to fill open exam times. You’ll get special savings if you can make one of these special exam times work in your schedule. We can save you almost as much as if you had vision insurance.


Price isn’t everything but savings help

Look over the available doctors for the zip code and date that fits your schedule. Prices are different by time of day. Most eye doctors offer special savings if you will come later in the morning or early afternoon. The doctor fills the generally open exam time and you save. We also have some “prime time” exams after school, work, or Saturdays. You won’t save as much but the doctor generally offers a coupon toward your new eyeglasses. Every bit helps.



BidmyGlasses gives you the tools to make the best decision to make you comfortable. No surprises when you can see the doctor, the office, the staff, prices, and savings.


You’re here and you know you really need new eyeglasses, so don’t stop now

Check out the doctor’s biography, the office pictures, the staff, the kind of eye ware they have to try out. When you satisfied then book online 24/7 anytime day or night. No waiting on office hours, no phone hassle, and no schedule negotiations. Just click it and it’s yours.



You can cancel for free within 4-hours of the exam and if later we’ll work with you to make another time that’s good.


You can be confident with your decision

Cancel for free up to 4-hours before your exam. We refund your complete purchase price. No questions asked. Just email or call. We’ll take your information 24/7. Need to cancel within 4-hours then we’ll work with you and find another exam that fits your schedule.

If you want more about your options then call or email us.