Time for another Look at Your Eyeglasses?

We get comfortable with our things.  Old shoes that fit so well, a favorite well-worn belt, and our eyeglasses.  You know the four year old specs resting on your nose? 

It’s hard for you to see but they are old and they make you look older.  The frames are really so Sarah Palin.  The color of your frames no longer fits or maybe isn’t even the close to the original color.  Those lenses are scratched and make your eyes look big.  We don’t even need to mention the condition of those “pads” on your nose bridge.

It’s time to see things a little better and look a little younger.  Booking an eye exam can be a real effort.  Maybe you changed jobs and no longer convenient to your former optometrist?  Maybe the eye doctor moved offices?  Maybe you just want another look?

BidmyGlasses can help.  You can find an eye doctor in minutes by location for the date and time you are available.  You can see prices, discounts, and even get an additional coupon toward new eyeglasses.  It’s fast and easy to book online.  No more 2-hour web search, no phone calls to negotiate a convenient appointment time, and you’ll know the price before you book the exam.

How do we do it?  BidmyGlasses helps eye doctors fill appointments that might otherwise go unused.  You get special savings when you select one of these exams.  Eye doctors cannot discount every exam but for special times it works better for the doctor and the patient.

We’ll help you find an appointment that fits your schedule and save.

ABOUT BidmyGlasses

BidmyGlasses helps find nearby eye doctors and instantly book appointments online. The company works with local optometrist to fill unused appointments and secures special prices and merchandise discounts for patients that want to save money.  BidmyGlasses was founded in 2012 and currently serves a population of 954,000 people in Kingwood, Humble, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, and Tomball Texas.

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