The New Professional Eyewear

Today, eyeglasses accent and accentuate character helping distinguish the individual within a group. 

Back-in-the-day … it was perceived as professional to wear traditional wire frame glasses. The goal for your eyeglasses was to attract as little attention as possible. We would see eyeglasses without rims or very thin wire frames. This look was thought to project a stronger level of credibility and a serious image.


Today’s professional

Now, we find that it is very common to make a statement with eyeglasses. We see the professional is proud to wear eyeglasses. Instead of attempting to conceal them, the trend is now to accentuate them. Today’s generation looks at eyeglasses as an accessory. Eyeglasses can be an accessory that positively accents character.
Being “different” is okay now, in fact, it’s encouraged! Today’s viewer will see the TV reporter in bold colored plastic frames and feel drawn to them and what they have to say. By wearing bold frames, the TV personality can make an impression on the audience and be found more credible. Our perception of what is professional has taken a strong shift in the right direction. Let’s have some fun with it.
It’s time for you to take the plunge. You may not be a TV reporter of TV personality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with your eyeglasses!

Glasses with bold frames:

Glasses with colored frames:

Glasses with extra round frames:

Glasses with square frames:

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