Ten Reasons You Need an Eye Exam

Skip the ominous you’ll go blind threats.  Let’s see the real reasons:

  1. You’ll see that expensive little smartphone a lot better.   Not to mention the really small print.  Thank goodness for pinch ‘n zoom.   If you are zooming then you want an eye exam.
  2. You won’t dial so many wrong numbers.  Okay dial is an old word but if you get it keep reading.  The wrong numbers are real.  Speed dial works but really new eyeglasses will help a lot more.
  3. You’ll be able to read caller ID.   No more fumbling for “readers” you’ll know who is calling and answer the line when you know it’s important.
  4. Spreadsheets will be more accurate and documents will proof read better.  Amazing how 3’s and 8’s, 4’s and 9’s and words run together.  New eyeglasses let you see mistakes before anyone else.
  5. You won’t need to buy that 24-inch computer monitor.  Your personal notebook screen looking smaller?  Think a larger monitor will do the trick.  Just update your eyeglasses and your notebook computer will get a lot bigger.
  6. The world will look better.  So, highway signs just jump out of nowhere?  How many more exits will you miss before you get better eyeglasses?
  7. You will not have to clean your new eyeglasses as often.  Your current eyeglasses are not dirty they are scratched.  Wipe them all day and the old scratches will not get better.  New eyeglasses will do the trick.


    Ten Reasons to Get an Eye Exam

  8. You will look younger.  If your old eyeglasses have seen anything other than the newest Die Hard movie then your eyeglasses are old.  You need to look younger than Bruce Willis.  If you still have Sarah Palin style eyeglasses then proceed immediately to get an eye exam and new eyeglasses.
  9. You could be styling.  New outfit, new shoes, new accessories, new suit but those eyeglasses say old person.
  10. Consider new light-weight lenses to replace your old coke-bottle eyeglasses.  They will be more comfortable and easier on your friends.  Today you have more options.  Progressive lenses without the old guy eyes, new scratch resistant coatings, new HD lens for full side to side vision, and glare reduction for more comfortable computer use.

Oh yes … if you postpone your eye exam another year you might delay some really important care and regret it when you are really old.

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