Putting off an Eye Exam for Another Year?

So, another year that you postpone, delay, and just forget about an eye exam?

We get it.  The last optometrist cost a ton-of-money and you are in no hurry.  The average person spends $360 on new eyeglasses  including $120 examination and $240 for eyeglasses.  Maybe you spent a lot more?   Bet you have very nice eyeglasses. Maybe just a bit old and they make you look older?

If you are stretching into your third or fourth year then BidmyGlasses can help.  Likely by now, you forgot all about your last optometrist or you have a new job, new office, maybe even a new home?

  1. We can show you optometrists by zip code near your office, home, or school.

    BidmyGlasses help you find an eye exam

    Time for an Eye Exam?

  2. You can actually see the doctors, their offices, and in many cases pictures of their staff.
  3. You can see eye exams available by day and hour.  No more holding on the phone to negotiate an appointment that fits your schedule.
  4. You can see the exam price.  Yes, the regular exam price and a special discount for one of these special exams.
  5. Often the optometrist will also give you a coupon with savings toward your new eyeglasses.
  6. You can book the exam online, lock in your savings, and take care of your vision.

Oh, another reason, new eyeglasses will make you look younger and see better.   New high tech lens materials are thinner, lighter, and work better to correct your vision.  New frames are lighter, brighter with more options to compliment your complexion and hair color.

If your employer provides vision insurance then we can still help.  You cannot combine the cash discounts with insurance benefits but we can help you book the appointment.  Medicare?  We can help you find a doctor that accepts Medicare.

Check out BidmyGlasses.  We’re here all day and after regular doctor office hours.

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