Dr. Wendy Conde

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Dr. Wendy Conde received her optometric degree from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 2009. There she had the opportunity to work with several ophthalmologic professionals such as retinal, oculoplastic, and glaucoma specialists.Dr. Wendy Conde completed her clinical rotations at Albuquerque Indian Health Services as well as Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry. Both locations provided a background in retinal disease, glaucoma, ocular inflammatory disease and ocular surface disease.Dr. Wendy Conde is currently a Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist. This allows her to provide early detection of ocular disease and the ability to diagnose and treat several ocular conditions that may impair vision.

Dr. Wendy Conde

17282 S. H. 249
Houston TX 77064
Phone: (281) 955-9931
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Contact lenses and Lasik surgery examinations take longer and may have additional charges. The doctor will tell you before any additional charges are due. You will also meet with a professional optician and see a wide selection of lenses and professionally fit frames that look the best for your complexion, hair color, and physical appearance.

The doctor also provides an additional credit toward the purchase of eyeglasses, eyeglass lenses, and frames.