Dr. Arif Iqbal OD

Conveniently located in the Walmart Shopping Center.

Dr. Iqbal is a doctor of optometry (OD) who is trained in the study of vision. Dr. Iqbal performs routine eye care, conducts eye examinations and prescribes corrective lenses. Optometrists also diagnose and prescribe treatment for eye diseases. Treatment may include medication in the form of drops, pills or injections. Dr. Iqbal speaks English, Spanish, and Dutch.

Dr. Arif Iqbal OD

9351 FM 1960 Byball Rd West
Humble TX 77338
Phone: 281-540-3202
E: PreferredEyeCare@SBCGlobal.net

Accepts: MC, Visa, Discover, Amex

Contact lenses and Lasik surgery examinations take longer and may have additional charges. The doctor will tell you before any additional charges are due. You will also meet with a professional optician and see a wide selection of lenses and professionally fit frames that look the best for your complexion, hair color, and physical appearance.

The doctor also provides an additional credit toward the purchase of eyeglasses, eyeglass lenses, and frames.