NEW to the world of eyeglasses?

Start with an optometrist.  Someone convenient, fits your schedule, and offers you value.  As a first time vision patient you may want to discuss options for eyeglasses, contacts, and Lasik.  You optometrist will advise you about your options and provide quality eye ware.  Most optometrists treat medical issues like eye infections, dry eye, allergies, and glaucoma.

About Eyeglasses … may last you several years.  Get the best fit for your needs and you will be much happier.  Good, light weight, fashionable eyeglasses will cost several hundred dollars.

About Contacts ... a year’s supply and cleaning agents will cost several hundred dollars.  You’ll need annual exams and new prescriptions to reorder each year.

About Lasik … the most expensive option but the longest lasting and most comfortable solution.  If you are tired of wearing glasses or messing with contact lenses you may want to consider Lasik.

If you already have some form of corrective lenses but do not have a regular eye doctor, then let BidmyGlasses help you find the best fit for your needs and budget.


If you have issues beyond corrective eye ware with infection, cataracts, or other concerns you may want to visit an ophthalmologist.  An optometrist will help you with vision correction but not any underlying medical issues.  They will be able to refer you to the best doctor for your particular issue.