Every practice has a few difficult to fill exam times or a few days that need a little help.

Visitors to BidmyGlasses are looking for eye exams.  33% are looking for an exam today and 50% for an exam in the next 72-hours.  Most have put off new eyeglasses for years.  They moved, changed jobs, and no longer have a regular optometrist.  With BidmyGlasses patients see your biography, your location, the open exam times, and your special price to fill the special exam times.  Your primetime appointments no longer need be included in discount programs. Plus, eye exams are prepaid by the patient helping minimize the problem with no shows.Fill your open exams

BidmyGlasses is available online 24/7 to book appointments.  40% of our visitors shop before and after regular doctor’s office hours.  BidmyGlasses visitors like the immediate scheduling tools and are happy not to “call around” for an eye exam appointment that works for them. We confirm all appointments and send reminders 2-hours before exam times.

  • No enrollment fees, costs, or charges
  • No contracts.  No restrictions.
  • Just patients for your open exam times
  • Select the times you want to offer and the savings you want to extend
  • We collect a prepaid fee for the examination and share the proceeds with you
  • No commitments until the exam is scheduled

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