Optometrist … are you available? Really?

Optometry is really long, hard work.  Most likely, you and an associate, staff the office six-days Monday thru Saturday.  You stay open 9 am to 6 pm with only one break.

So, are you available?  Most patients would say NO! Because you are not where they are looking for you.

First, 59% of patients are looking after your regular office hours.   If you are really

BidmyGlasses Helps

Are Optometrists Available

advanced then you might provide an email form on your website.  Request three appointment times and we’ll get back to you.  Really?  Would you book a hotel room or airplane ticket that way?  What about a $400 eye exam and new eyeglasses?

Second, only 41% of patients are searching for an eye doctor Monday-Friday, 9-5 .   Surprise, they are not using the boss’s office computer.  They are using their personal mobile phone.  Chances are you website is not mobile friendly.  They are looking for an eye exam and your website is unreadable on their mobile phone.  Worse yet, search engines reduce your search ranking every day you continue an un-friendly mobile website.

BidmyGlasses Helps

We can help you with real-time appointment scheduling tools.  Yes, mobile friendly online patient self-scheduling tools with real openings from your official office calendar.  Without online scheduling, you are in business just 41% of the time.

Second, we can help you fill those empty exam slots without discounting every exam. Let us focus on the last-minute, same-day exams that go unfilled.  You win.  Patients win.

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40-million eye exams expire un-used every year while 90-million adults skip annual vision care.  Why?  It is complicated to find a new optometrist, negotiate an appointment, book-an-exam, and expensive if an employer does not sponsor vision insurance.  Patients will make the time to fill doctors’ schedules when it is easier for them.  See Better.  Look Better.  Save Money. BidmyGlasses

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