Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make this offer work for me?

LivingSocial deal shoppers are only going to buy with a special offer.  Houston is a big place with 6-million people.  LivingSocial 476,000 deal subscribers are an important cash patient business. When shoppers see this offer 8,200 will consider eyeglasses.  If not you then they are going someplace else.

The most important way to deal with shoppers is to take advantage of your open exam times.  Better a discount than an empty chair.  Better your office than Walmart.  

Most shoppers will buy up to premium lenes, bi-focals, tri-focals, progressive lenses.  Some will select premium designer lenses.  

If you don’t participate it is certain they will not visit your office. 

How do I get paid?

Patients pay you directly for the cost of the eyeglasses, premium lenses and other items less the $125 initial discount.  You will receive 50% of the LivingSocial voucher purchase (50% of the $59) for every shopper that comes to your office for vision care.  The first payment is 30-days from the initial promotion date.  The remaining funds are distributed in 90-days.

There are no other marketing expenses for this event. 

If I sign up can I change my mind?

No. Once we send LivingSocial your information you will be included in the general offer.  But, you can always change your eyeglasses prices up to the point a voucher buyer redeems the LivingSocial Coupon.   

Won’t this hurt my regular business?

Not any more than discount shoppers already impact your business.  LivingSocial, Groupon, AmazonLocal, and Google Offers all reach deal buyers.  These are price sensitive, coupon shoppers are only motivated by savings offers.  Without an offer, they are not likely to be your patient.  Running a promotion like this allows you to manage discounting to your advantage and complete your schedule at the times you want to fill. 

What if I fill one of the promotion targeted appointments?

That’s Okay.  When you receive a confirmation email for an appointment time that is filled then just reply or call BidmyGlasses with a suggested alternate time.  We will contact the patient and rearrange the exam time.  

I still have questions.  Who can I talk with?

Call Steve Poley 281-940-7001.  Or, email