Not another Year without an Eye Exam

About 60% of us need a little more attention to our eyes.  About 180-million people might see a little better, be more comfortable, and some might even prevent serious problems ahead.

About one-third of those in need have vision insurance and regular eye exams.  Why not?  Eye exams are free with insurance benefits.  Plus, a family history might indicate eye exams are a good thing to do.

About one-third will just skip eye exams all together.  Grab a pair of drug store glasses and all is well.  Or, just do without.  Times are tight and doctors are expensive.  Prescription glasses cost a lot more.

About one-third will stretch and go every three or four years.  Old glasses are fine.  They work.  A bit scratched, bent, maybe out-of-fashion.  Think glasses make you look old?  Think about your old glasses.

BidmyGlasses can make things better for those without vision insurance benefits.  Finding an eye doctor is work.  Start with a web search and get overwhelmed with hundreds of choices.  Pick one and then do the phone-call-thing.  Call, wait, connect to the appointment person, negotiate a time when you can get off work, school, or fit around the kid’s activities.  Prices?  No way.  Coupons?  Never when you need one.

BidmyGlasses brings eye doctors to you.  You can find eye exams by date and time of day that fit your schedule.   You see prices, immediate purchase discounts, and merchandise coupons for eyeglasses.  You can even book the exam day/time online.  You receive confirmation by email and text reminder 2-hours before the exam. 

How do we do this?  We help eye doctors fill open exam times.  If you need a Saturday appointment or after-school time then we might not be able to help.  But, if you can fit into an open time then you will save a lot of money.  Perhaps, even more than you insurance premiums.

Don’t let another year go by without an eye exam.  You need to see things better.

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