No Saturday Eyeglass Exams?

We work hard to help both patients without vision insurance and eye doctors.  But, there are some limits.

The cost of eye exams thru BidmyGlasses is a real bargain.  There is an immediate discount for prepaying online and accepting one of the specific exam times.  Plus, there is a merchandise coupon good toward the purchase of eyeglasses with the local eye doctor.    Your net cost is a real bargain.

Here’s why we can do so much:

  1. The exam time is one the doctor might normally not fill.  You cannot get this special offer for regular exams.  It’s not affordable for the doctor to do this all the time.  But, to fill this spot the discount is better than an empty exam chair.   Busy Saturday and after school exam times are generally not available with discounts.
  2. We don’t show the doctor’s exact location or contact information until you prepay for the exam.  You can see the doctor’s general area and read about their practice.  Again, the doctor cannot give these discounts to all patients all the time.
  3. The prepaid exam fee is nonrefundable and the exam time cannot be changed.  Eye doctors have problems with “no shows”.    Patients can postpone eye exams … it’s not like a tooth ache.  You are paying for the exam show or no-show.

This exam is for eyeglasses.  If you have contact lenses then the exam will cost more and the merchandise coupon will not apply toward contact lenses.  The exam for contact lenses is more complicated, takes more time, and uses specialized equipment.  There could be some additional charge for a contact lens exam.  The doctor will tell you before any additional charges are due.  You can still use the coupon toward eye ware products just not contact lens purchases that are already competitively priced.

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