New Eyeglasses … what are your options?

We all need help as life goes on … eyeglasses are just another choice.     Its’ been 2-3-4 years then it is time.  Old frames, thick lenses, and you are dated.  You look older than need be. You’ll need an eye exam.  That’s the easy part.

Then select eyeglasses.  Let an experienced optician help you.  You’ll get the best look, fit, and selection.   Here’s what

BidmyGlasses Helps

Help to find eyeglasses

a professional will help you with:

  1. The shape frames best for your appearance.  Is your face round? Oval? Square? The most flattering fames will compliment your appearance.
  2. What color frames?  Black, gray, silver, gold, or perhaps a special color to highlight your hair color and complexion.
  3. What material?  Titanium, metal, plastic, with or without rims?  The optician will help you try several options. You can pick the most comfortable.   No guessing here, you need to personally make this choice.
  4. Special designer frames?  Fashion options?  Just depends on your taste and how much you want to spend.
  5. A professional optician will correctly size the frames for your face with the lens width, distance between the lenses, and length of the rails.  This has to be accurate for comfort.
  6. Now to pick out the lenses … single vision, bifocal, tri-focal/multi-focal, or progressive no-line lenses?
    1. Single vision CR39 plastic lenses are the least expensive ($50 and up)
    2. Polycarbonate, scratch-resistant lenses are light-weight and more comfortable ($75 and up)
    3. Super-Thin / High Index … will help you look younger (no “big eyes”) and be even more comfortable ($150 and up)
    4. Photochromic Lenses will darken on exposure to UV or bright sunlight ($175 and up)
    5. HD Digital upgrade also known as free-form or wavefront lenses add even sharper vision ($100 extra and up)
    6. Polarized Sunglasses are a nice option to reduce glare and reflections ($175 and up)
    7. Coatings … a professional can help you match the lenses and coatings for the best experience
      1. UV protection can be added to most lens options ($25 and up)
      2. Anti-glare coatings help eliminate lens reflections that make you appear older ($30 and up)
      3. Scotchgard™ helps keep your eyeglasses cleaner in dusty circumstances ($25 and up)
      4. Tint coatings help in bright sunlight ($25 and up)

The average eyeglasses cost $240 but with special materials, designer frames, high-tech lenses you should expect to spend more.  Considering you will wear your eyeglasses every day, everywhere.  Don’t pay the uncomfortable price for the wrong eyeglasses and look older than necessary.

Experienced opticians will help you make the best choice with the best frames, materials, colors, and lenses.   BidmyGlasses will help you find an eye doctor convenient to home, work or school  and save money if you can make one of these special exams work.

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