New Eyeglasses … don’t look older than Sarah Palin

Four year old, scratched eyeglasses, with Sarah Palin frames make you look older than a John McCain campaign ad.  You recall the older guy before the old guy?

As we all get older our eyes need help.  New eyeglasses can make that expensive smartphone a little easier to use.   Even your Facebook page will look better with new glasses.

Sarah Palin Sept-2008

Sarah Palin Glasses September 2008

It’s important to see a really good eye doctor and then an experienced optician.

The eye doctor will examine your eyes and prescribe exactly the lenses you need.  If you want to consider contact lens or Lasik then a good eye examination is the place to start.

What’s really important is a great local optician and personal fitting.  An experienced optician will evaluate your needs, what you do at work, how you use a computer and smartphone, the shape of your face, your skin tone, and how much time you spend indoors and outdoors.   The optician will guide you to the best decision for lenses, frame shape, frame colors, designer frames, and ways your new glasses will work the best for you.

Don’t be alarmed.  Good fitting eyeglasses are really important.  They might be expensive.  Eyeglasses can be about the same price as a great outfit with shoes or a new suit.   But, you will wear your eyeglasses nonstop for the next few years.

Get the glasses that let you see better and look younger.

BidmyGlasses helps you find the eye exam appointment date, time, and price you want.  You can also count on a great optician to personally help you select the best eyeglasses.

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