Need an Eye Exam?

90-million eye exams this year and one could be yours.  If you have vision health insurance then it’s easy.  Go to your company’s HR webpage, click on the vision insurance link, locate a doctor, and make the appointment.  Your annual eye exam should be FREE but you might have a new $25 co-pay plan.  Still if your vision insurance is FREE* then take advantage of the benefit.  You should enjoy a 20% discount on eyeglasses up to $100.  Again, free vision insurance is good*.

You’ll still have to call the doctor’s office and negotiate a convenient time.  Look for exams after school, after work and now more frequently Saturday morning exams.

If you are one of the 30-million paying cash for your eye exam then life’s harder. If you reading this then you’ll likely start with a web search.  Google “eye exam zipcode” (your zip code).  You’ll get hundreds of results.  Most of the first listings will be directories.  Skip them, most just list phone-book information.  Find a local doctor’s website.   Do you like the doctor?  Is there a current picture of the doctor?  How about the pictures of their office … clean, neat, well stocked with eyeglasses?  Now, call for an appointment.  Don’t worry the hold will not be too long.  Now negotiate an exam time.  Off Friday but the doctor is booked solid?  Doctor available Monday but you have to work?  Next Friday?  Don’t worry you’ll find something.  Oh … the price?  Can’t say over the phone every exam is different.

Eye Exams for people without vision insurance

The average direct pay cash eye exam is $134 and the average for eyeglasses is $224 so expect to pay $360.  More, if you want designer frames, progressive lenses, light-weight materials, and scratch-resistant, glare/sun coatings.  But, you will wear your eyeglasses every day for the next two-years.  Get what’s good for you.

If you are paying direct, cash, then checkout BidmyGlasses.  See available doctors by zip code, date, and even time-of-day.  Check out their special offers you can schedule immediately online without any phone hassle.  You can see the doctor, pictures of their office, and the selection of eye ware.  Contact Lens options also there.  You can save up to 60% and get a doctor you like by choosing one of these special appointments.

Then you may be one of the 90-million that will skip vision care this year.  You’ll be back.  Your vision is changing and your eyeglasses are getting older making you look older.

See better and look a little younger.  Visit BidmyGlasses and you will save a lot of time and money.

(*) If your vision plan costs you $15/month or $180 year then think about this.

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