How much are eyeglasses?

Callers to BidmyGlasses raises a frequent question … how much are eyeglasses? 

Generally, the caller already has eyeglasses and knows eyeglasses can be expensive.  They want to how much a particular doctor’s office charges for eyeglasses.  We are all looking for specific answers.  The real answer is “depends”.

The average patient spends $120 for the eye examination and $240 for eyeglasses.  That’s $360.  That’s a lot of money but it’s even more important to see better and look a little younger with new eyeglasses.  Nothing makes a person look older than scratched, bent, chipped eyeglasses.  Not to mention squinting, or mistaking 3’s for 8’s and 7’s for 2’s.

There are three selections you make that determine the cost of eyeglasses.

How much?

How much are eyeglasses

FRAMES ($30 – $250) – The newest designer frames with recognized brand names look wonderful and can make you look great.  You wear your eyeglasses all the time.  Get the best looking frames that fit your budget.  You’ll look younger and appreciate the compliments every day.

LENSES ($50 – $250) – Single vision reading glasses with plastic lenses work.  You can read everything.  But if you need more with bi-focals, progressive lenses, light weight thin lenses then it costs a little bit more.  You don’t want to be constantly taking off and putting on reading glasses.  Bi-focals, tri-focals and no-line progressive lenses are so much better.

COATINGS and more ($50 and up) – If you are working with a computer all day then think about a coating to reduce glare.  There’s also UV protection and high definition lens.

I know we all want everything for $200 including the cost of an eye exam but good vision is worth a little bit more.  Your vision health is worth a whole lot more.

If your mobile phone is getting hard to read, you already have the text display on extra-large, then treat yourself to nice looking, easier on your eyes pair of new eyeglasses.  BidmyGlasses will help you save $50-$150 if you make one of these special exams on your next day off.

The optician will help you free of charge.  Just tell them your budget.  They will help you get the most and importantly get you the correct style for your appearance, complexion, and hair color.  You’ll look great and see so much better.

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