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Our mission is to help optometrists fill the 40-million annual eye exams that go un-used while 90-million adults skip vision care.  Not everyone needs to see an eye doctor every year.  However, many go two, three, and four years without care.  Optometrists have the time to help more patients see better, look better, and save money.

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Why BidmyGlasses?

All your hard work and you average 4 or 5 open exams each day. There are patients that will schedule your empty chair times. Cash paying patients without vision insurance are looking for savings and care. Busy patients want exams near home, work, or school. Booking an eye exam is complicated balancing busy lives. Cash paying patients just want to know when you are available. No negotiations. No waiting on hold. Just book it. Patients without vision insurance search for affordable vision care. They will make special arrangements for special offers. We simplify the process for patients to find an affordable exam that works for their schedules and fills your open times.


Every practice has good days and bad days. Average days have 4 or 5 un-used exam times. Late mornings and early afternoons are tough while after-school and after-work are primetime. Some days have even more opportunity. We can help fill open exams.

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Patients-looking-for-eye-doctors-BidmyGlassesWe can help with online scheduling because patients are searching online

41% of patients search for an eye doctor M-F 9-5 when most offices are open. 59% of the time patients search for an eye doctor the offices are closed. Busy patients want to book exams without complicated schedule negotiations. Make it easy for them to fill your schedule and they will make your open exams times work for them.

BidmyGlasses Patients Looking for Vision CareYour last minute openings are perfect for cash paying patients

After putting off care for two, three, or more years … 66% of our online search requests are for same-day exams. 85% are for the next three days. You can focus your special offers for special times you need to fill.

BidmyGlases-Book-Your-Exam (1)We book exams, remind the patients, and notify your office

Nobody likes voice mail, answering machines, or call me back requests. We book exams all day every day. You provide the savings and they will fill your schedule.

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