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Fill Your Open Exam Times

Every practice has open exam times. The difficult to fill late mornings and early afternoons before school is out or work is over. You can fill your special times with special incentives and keep primetime schedule for repeat patients.

We Help Fill Open Exams Special Offers for Just Special Times Online 24/7
You tell us the open times you want to fill. We’ll make them available to new cash paying patients that are looking for an eye doctor.
Keep your prime times for pre-appointments, recalls, and regular patients.
No more blasting the community with deep discounted daily deals and pushing away your regular patients.
Keep you special offers for just your special times.
We all need vision care. Cash paying patients are looking, searching for a doctor close to home, work, or school.
They want to see available appointments and book exams without any phone hassle.

unnamed (5)Set up your practice

Every practice has good days and bad days. Average days have 4 or 5 un-used exam times. Late mornings and early afternoons are tough while after-school and after-work are booked primetime. Some days have even more opportunity. We can help fill open exams.

unnamed (4)Tell us the special times to fill

41% of patients search for an eye doctor M-F 9-5 when most offices are open. 59% of the time offices are closed. Busy patients want to book exams without complicated schedule negotiations. Make it attractive for them to fill your schedule and cash paying patients will make your open times work for them.

unnamed (3)Manage offers

After putting off care for two, three, or more years … 66% of our online search requests are for same-day exams. 85% are for the next three days. Your last minute exams are very attractive to last minute patients.

unnamed (2)Allow patients to book exams 24/7

Nobody likes voice mail, answering machines, or call me back requests. We help patients book exams all day every day. You provide the savings and they will fill your schedule.


Even when your website is down, we will continue to represent your practice.

We are mobile friendly for busy patients using smartphones to find eye exams.


We take data security and reliability very seriously.

We use bank-grade data encryption, highly reliable infrastructure and a well-trained technical team to take care of everything.