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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price eye exams?

You tell us your prices for eye exams and contact lens exams. We present your prices just as you tell us. You will have direct access to your online prices and be able to change your information anytime, in real-time without any delay.

Who determines the “special” offers?

You do. Basic plan includes the special offers by day and time-of-day. You set the offer. Reset anytime you want by logging in and making the changes you want. Professional plan allows you to set rules and special offers automatically follow. For example, schedule 7-days out and save 20% a typical new patient offer. However, schedule a same-day exam (if available) and last-minute patients might save 50%. You determine your own offers. Of course, rules can change as often as you log in. It’s your choice.


We collect online to make sure the patient keeps the appointment. Then on the 25th of each month, we close out and send to you the net online revenue less our marketing commission of 50% up to a maximum of $32.50 per booking. There is no commission due for patients that book with vision insurance since we collect nothing online. In addition, prime time exams booked at regular prices are 100% your revenue. We only earn our commission with special offers.

Who decides what the exam covers?

Again, we ask you for a description of your exam. What it includes and what may be additional charges. Every practice can be different. Your exam description is posted online with your listing and is confirmed when the patient books your exam. We repeat the exam description on the patient’s confirmation email.

What commitment do I have as a doctor?

The only commitment we ask is for you to honor booked exam offers once the patient has paid online. Otherwise, you can turn your availability off at any time. Just log on and change your account status.

How long to start up?

Fill out the online enrollment form. We’ll confirm you are a licensed optometrist and gather the initial information to start listing exams offers. Then we’ll call you to finalize the details. Target offers can be online and public in 3-days. Real-time calendar integration can take up to 10-days. We can connect with forty (40) of the top practice management software programs.

Target Exam Times

Every practice has exams that are difficult to fill. In the suburbs, open exams are generally late morning and early afternoon before school is out and while everyone working. Then prime time after school, after work, and Saturday are booked. You can list your difficult to fill exams with special offers and bring in cash paying new patients. What if the target exam is booked? We will contact the patient and arrange for an alternate time. Most patients accommodate change to receive the special savings.

Real-Time Exams

With our Professional plan, we can connect to your practice management software (PMS). We can access 40 of the top PMS platforms. Each night we’ll download your schedule and arrange for the open exams to be viewed. When our online visitors select one of your available exams we will verify the exam is still open before the patient books the exam. If the exam is booked the online visitor will be asked to select another time. The Professional plan also includes a tool to display open times on your website.

Brand name policy issue?

If you are a member of a large organization (LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Vision Source, TSO, or others) that does not want to promote offers then we can arrange not to reveal your organization affiliation. Patients will see your name, location, and special offers but online visitors will not see your organization affiliation. Of course, when they arrive and recognize your brand … it will be a pleasant suprise.

Still thinking?

We understand “do no harm” to your existing business. You worked hard to establish your practice. Our interest is helping cash paying patients find affordable in return for helping you fill open exam slots. You continue to pre-appointment, recall, and have an the relationship with your regular patients. They are not online searching for eye exams. However, cash paying patients are searching online. We can help.
If new patients do have vision insurance, we will book them without any commission. We recognize how tight the insurance works for you.


Our mission:  Every year 40-million eye exams go un-used while 90-million adults skip vision care.  We can make it easier to find an eye doctor, select an exam, save money, and get more frequent vision care.  We can all do better.