LivingSocial and BidmyGlasses arranged a special offer to bring new patients to your office.

You must sign up by close of business this Friday May 10th.

Here’s the deal.  The two week event runs at the end of May.  LivingSocial and reach 475,000 Houston shoppers twice a week for two weeks.    That’s 1.9 million impressions in the Houston metro area.  Here’s the offer:

An eye exam and $125 to spend toward eyeglasses. A value up to $249 for $59.

LivingSocial shoppers must make appointments in the special exam times you list with BidmyGlasses.  The promotion uses BidmyGlasses online scheduling tools so you focus discount shoppers on times you want to fill.  Keep your prime time and Saturday exams for insured and full revenue patients.

Discount shoppers are just a fact of life.  They only shop without a deal.   This event allows you to manage the situation to your advantage.  Expect 10-20 new patients and a schedule balanced to your needs.

Complete this form and we’ll do all the rest.  Questions … call 281-940-7001 or email

Program for Houston Optometrists

  • No out-of-pocket marketing costs
  • Recognizes Your Office Prices
  • Promotes your frames and lenses
  • Target to Fill Your Open Exam Times
  • Primetime exams not preempted

Complete this information before May 10

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Preferred time for discount shoppers
Option Monday Tuesday Wed Thursday Friday
You will receive confirmation and instructions how
to return and edit this information as necessary