Looking Older? Maybe it’s old eyeglasses?

Old eyeglasses make you look even older.

Nice hair, new outfit, bright smile and old eyeglasses.  You know the frames you brought two or maybe three years ago?    Just a little out-of-style with the Sarah Palin look?  That was four years ago.

Maybe the lenses are scratched?  Those nose pads just a little dirty?  It’s time to replace those old eyeglasses.

Not to mention you could use an eye exam.  Holding things just a little further away?  Squinting to see if those figures on the computer are 3’s or an 8’s?

If you have a flexible health savings account then see an eye doctor, get an eye exam, look at new glasses.  If you have company flex dollars then use them or lose them this year.    If you just want to look younger then get new glasses.

Now is the time to make that eye exam appointment because things will book up around the holidays.

Try BidmyGlasses.   You can easily locate an eye doctor near work, home or school.  You can select from open dates and exam times.   Choose the price that fits and the coupon savings that work for you.   Then book the appointment online.  No hassle.  No phone calls … just quick action.

You’ll see things so much better and look a lot younger.

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