Where are you located?

Not you … us!  Visitors call and ask were are BidmyGlasses offices?  Eye doctors see patients in their offices. BidmyGlasses helps eye doctors fill open exam times.

BidmyGlasses fills open exam times

We help fill empty exam chairs.

Optometrist see an average of 11-patients per day and 5 eye exams go unused. That’s 40-million lost eye exam opportunities every year.

At the same time 90-million people postpone, delay, and put off annual vision care.  Why?  Because it’s too much effort to find another eye doctor and book the exam. Patients move, change jobs, or just want another optometrist.   How do you know who is a good doctor?  What’s their office like?  How much is this going to cost?  Most patients work.  Calling after office hours (60% of our visitors) just gets the eye doctor’s answering machine.  Call back tomorrow?   Maybe and more likely I’ll put this off again.

Or, the last eye exam visit was surprisingly expensive.  Cash paying patients are in no hurry even if their eyeglasses are 2, 3, or more years old. Just seeing the exam price ahead of time is helpful.  Booking online and getting a little help toward new eyeglasses is important.

Where are we located?  At the intersection between empty exam chairs and patients postponing vision care.  We help doctors fill those empty exam spots.  For patients that can make one of these special times work … there are extra special savings.

Everybody sees things better.

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