Just Need Eyeglasses?

BidmyGlasses popular question … What if I just need eyeglasses? 

If you have a current prescription for corrective lenses, in the last 12-months, we can help you find a convenient eye doctor using the BidmyGlasses powerful search tools.  Select a date and time.  Then when you schedule the time select the new option

[  ]  I have a current prescription and just need eyeglasses.

We’ll book the date and time with the doctor’s office and send you a reminder before the exam.  Some doctors even provide savings toward your extra eyeglasses when you book one of these special appointments.   The average optometrist carries 600 eyeglass frames in stock from basic styles to the most elegant designer frames.  The optician will recommend frames that fit you, colors that work with your hair and complexion, and then help you select the best lenses for your needs.

When you feel it’s time to look at another pair of eyeglasses, let us help you with the most convenient eye doctor, office location, and time that fits your schedule.  You’ll even save money on your new eyeglasses.

Find Eyeglasses

Just need Eyeglasses

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