How to Find Glasses that Make You Look Younger

Celebrities always know which frames are best!

We read a study that said wearing glasses ages a person by an average of three years, and we’re a little conflicted. Why should we have to compromise our age because of our eyesight? The good news is that while we agree that the wrong kind of eyeglass frames does add a number of years to someone’s age, we also believe that the right kind of frames can make someone look more youthful. So rejoice—if you’re a glasses wearer, you don’t have to worry about looking older!

Like fashion, eyeglasses have trends, and if you don’t keep up with them, chances are your frames will become outdated, and consequently you’ll look older. So how exactly do you keep up with what’s in and what’s hot? Here are some tips from BidmyGlasses on how to find the perfect pair of new eye glass frames:

  1. Pay Attention to Celebrities: When watching TV or flipping through magazines, take note of who’s wearing what, and get a feel for what’s “in” for this season. Celebrities are always on point with their fashion, so it’s not surprising that they’d also be in the know with eyewear too!
  2. Shop Around: Bring a friend with you to a store to try on eyeglass frames. Take pictures with your cell phone to keep a record of which frames you fancied, and then review them later. Share the pictures with your friends and family and get their opinion!
  3. Get a Professional’s Opinion: Schedule an appointment with your optician (chances are you’re overdue for a checkup anyway, right?) A professional will be able to assess your face shape and select frames that will bring out your best features. Plus, it’s always good to go in to get your eyes checked before you commit to a new pair of frames.

Don’t have vision insurance for an eye exam? Schedule your appointment easily through We help eye doctors fill appointments that might otherwise go unused, and we pass the discounted appointments onto you! So go ahead and schedule your exam, and get new frames to reveal a younger, happier you.

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