How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost?

$134 is the US average direct pay cash price for an eye exam with corrective lens prescription.  The range goes from $68 – $205 for an eye exam(1).  If you are looking for contact lenses then the average exam cost is about $180 and the range is from $141 for an exam without re-fitting to $216 for multifocal contact lenses.

But, that’s not all.

You will also need eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.  You can expect eyeglasses to average $226 with a range starting at $106 and going to $385 and up.  A one-year supply of normal contact lens will cost about $150.  Multifocal lens are more.

Eye Exam Prescription Eyeglasses or Contact Lens

Direct Pay Cash Prices

What Does an Eye Exam Cost?

Optometrists will frequently discount eye exams to fill appointments that might otherwise go unused.  BidmyGlasses works with eye doctors to fill exam times that might go empty.  Direct pay cash patients can save by selecting one of many exam times available with special discounts. Eye doctors also offer additional credits toward the purchase of prescription lenses.

About 30% of vision care patients pay directly, 55% have vision benefits, and 15% Medicare.

Insured patients with vision benefits generally receive free annual checkups and eyeglass/contact lens discounts with total cash equivalent value of $150-$200 ($134 free exam and a customary 20% prescription lens benefit).

Think about getting the best prescription lens the help of the optician in your eye doctor’s office.  There is no extra charge for the professional fitting.  You will get the best advise for frames that fit your life style, appearance, complexion, and hair color.  You will also see the lens options best for your needs.   Otherwise, you can miss some exciting new products.  You will wear your eyeglasses for the next few years.  You’ll want to get the very best fit and a professional will really help.

New eyeglasses can help you see better and look better.  BidmyGlasses can help you get the appointment you want and savings you’ll appreciate.

(1)  Key Metrics Assessing Optometric Practice Performance 2012

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