Houston Eye Exam Requests July 2014

Eye exams are an important part of life.  If you always had eyeglasses or contact lens or just getting a bit older … then eye exams are another of life.

We help people find eye doctors.  Paying cash, have vision insurance, or on Medicare, BidmyGlasses can help you find an eye doctor and save. In the Houston market (our initial business area) we helped patients do 3,218 search requests in July, 2014.

Patients look hard making 8 search requests per visit.  Patients search by zip code, dates, time-of-day, doctor experience, special skills, and even preferred language.  If you can make one of these special times fit your schedule than you can save $50-$150.  We can also help you with prime time after school and after work exams but you won’t save as much as one of our special exam times.

Search for an eye doctor near you with the tools on the left column.

If you would like to see how many BidmyGlasses eye exam search requests in your zip code check out the map below.  Search with your zip code.

# Eye exam search requests by zip code July, 2014

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