Here’s the Deal

Half the adults that need vision care will go without this year.  It’s so easy to postpone, delay, just get by for another year.  Why?  When you can do look younger and see better.

Here’s the deal.  You are putting off an eye exam and perhaps new eyeglasses because it’s time consuming, expensive, and just a hassle.  We can help.  We work with local eye doctors to fill exams that usually go empty.  You know the process … same as hotel rooms and airplane seats. BidmyGlasses helps lower the cost of eyeglasses

If you can make one of these special times then you can save a lot of money.  How much?  $60 to $150.  Plus, you  will see better and look younger.  Nothing ages you faster than your old eyeglasses or squinting to see your text messages.

Check out BidmyGlasses eye exams by zip code, city, date, and time.  Then plan ahead to your next day off.  You’ll feel so much better.

Need prime time?  After school?  After work?  Saturdays?  We have a few open exam at full price.  But, you will not have to wait on hold 15-minutes to make the appointment.

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