Happy New Year 2013 … Time for New Eyeglasses?

Oh our human condition!  Sixty percent (60%) of us can benefit from eye care.   Just getting older our eyes need attention.  Look at your smartphone, those cute apps, and how about the new car-dashboards … everything is a little smaller and needs a little more focus.

Help when you don’t have vision insurance

Of the 180-million of us that can benefit from eye care:

  • 90-million will go without an exam that could prove very beneficial
  • 60-million have vision insurance benefits
  • 30-million will pay cash for an eye exam

If you have employer vision insurance benefits then good for you!  You are the lucky ones.

If you do not have vision insurance then BidmyGlasses might help.  Without convenient tools to find an eye doctor it’s likely you will start searching the web.  Search for glasses and see 348-million results.   Google has great location tools so finding a local eye doctor is possible.  However, you will not see pricing information and you will still have to call – negotiate a convenient appointment.  Oh, discounts and merchandise coupons are never around when you need one.

Still 30-million people will march forward and pay cash for an eye exam and full price for eyeglasses.  Good for you.

Many more … perhaps 90-million more … will give up and go another year with scratched, bent, slightly out-of-focus eyeglasses.   It’s just too much effort to find a new eye doctor, schedule time off work, and go forward without knowing much about prices.  After three or four years your old eyeglasses will be too uncomfortable.  You will give in and spend the time/money.

For the 90-million that decide to skip an exam or new glasses this year … perhaps BidmyGlasses can make it easier, you’ll be more comfortable, and even look a little younger without your 4-year old glasses.

If you are in our current North Houston service area here are the statistics: on an average weekday  725  people will get an insurance paid eye exam; 350 will pay cash for an eye exam; and on average every weekday 1,100 will decide to skip an eye exam this year.

BidmyGlasses makes eye exams easier, more convenient, and saves money.  Make the New Year a little easier on your eyes and look younger with new eyeglasses.

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