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We take a lot of questions about Medicare.  Here’s what we know:

  1. Not all eye doctors accept Medicare.  Use the convenient BidmyGlasses search bar to find a Medicare doctor for your vision needs.
  2. Medicare doesn’t cover everyone for vision care.  Many visitors confuse medical care with vision care.  There are restrictions for whom and what vision care is covered with Medicare benefits.   Why?  Just the way the program works.
  3. What does Medicare cover for vision problems?  Generally, if you are on Medicare and your vision issues are related to a health issue then your vision is also covered.  Think if you have diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and most frequently cataracts.
  4. If you are in good medical health but have normal vision issues that are corrected with with eyeglasses then Medicare is not going to offer any help.  That’s what vision insurance is about.
  5. Still want to find an eye doctor that accepts Medicare?  We have the names and locations for most optometrists that accept Medicare for vision care.  Search for your zip code.  Many are not yet posting exams but if you want we’ll contact the doctor and see if he’ll work with you.

Our job is to help you find the eye doctor you want.  Someone that is located close to work, home, or school.  Someone with an open exam that fits your schedule.  If you can make these special appointments work then you can save on the exam fee and even save more for your new eyeglasses.

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Medicare Eye Doctors

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