NEW ?  No Exam … just need glasses?

I have a current prescription and just need glasses.  Can you help me?  Yes, pick the day and time convenient for you to visit the doctor’s office.  We’ll book the time with the office optician.  No charge to see the optician.  Bring your current (last 12-months) prescription.  Then let the optician show you frames that highlight your face, hair color and eyes.  You see lens options from the latest high-def, light-weight, no-line progressives to the simplest single-vision reader lens.  Your choice.  Shop till you find just what you want. 

NEW ?  Can I get the merchandise coupon if I don’t get the eye exam?

Yes, if you book an appointment with the office optician, the doctor will even give you the merchandise coupon savings you would get if you did have the eye exam.  No charge for the optician’s help picking out your new eyeglasses. 

NEW ?  I have vision insurance; can I apply the exam discount toward my deductible?  

Sorry, no.  The doctor cannot double discount.  Your vision insurance is a good deal.  We’ll help you book the date & time but it’s not possible to extend BidmyGlasses discounts on top of your insurance benefits.  The cash discounts help 1 out of three patients not lucky enough to have insurance if they will choose one of these special times.

NEW ?  Where are your offices?

BidmyGlasses does not have doctor offices.  We help optometrists fill open eye exam appointments.  In return for booking one of these special appointments we ask the doctor to provide a special price and a coupon toward the purchase of eyeglasses or contact lens.  Each of the doctors have their own offices.  You can see pictures of the doctor’s office, reception area, and showroom by clicking on any doctor’s picture.  If you can make one of these special appointments then you can save a lot of money.

Do I have to buy eyeglasses from this doctor?

No.  The optometrist is required to provide you the corrective lens prescription with your paid eye exam.  You may use the prescription information as you wish. The optician in the doctor’s office can help you more than you might expect.  The optician will help you, at no charge, with eyeglasses that complement the shape of your face, your complexion, and your hair color. Then you’ll see fashion options that fit your style.  You will learn about new lens technology that helps you at work, home, and with your hobbies. If you are not comfortable then you can use your corrective lens prescription anywhere you choose.  With BidmyGlasses many doctors provide a discount toward your new eyeglasses.  When you return to pick up your new eyeglasses the optician will make final adjustments so you have the perfect fit. You’ll be wearing your new eyeglasses every day, every waking hour, so get the best fit when you are at the doctor’s office. 


Can someone out bid me for the eye exam?

BidmyGlasses is not seller’s auction like eBay®.  The doctors tell us their open and available eye examinations.  The doctors offer special prices to fill open exam times and coupon towards eyeglasses.   When you select and pay online that time becomes your appointment and nobody else can buy that date and time.



Why do I have to pay online?  Why can’t I just pay at the eye doctor’s office?

These special discounted prices and coupon values are not available at the eye doctor’s office. The eye doctor cannot afford to offer these discounts on every eye exam.  We work with the eye doctor to fill unused eye exam times and in return BidmyGlasses is able to offer special savings. If you are not satisfied for any reason with the eye doctor, eye exam, or the service then BidmyGlasses will refund the amount paid to BidmyGlasses. 



What if I cannot keep my appointment?

These special prices and coupon savings are available for this date and time because we help fill the doctor’s schedule.  100% refund with 24-hour advance change or cancellation notice to or call 281-940-7001. Otherwise, call and we’ll work with you. 


Contact Lenses

 This exam is for eyeglasses.  The exam for contact lenses is a bit longer and my have some additional doctor fees.  The doctor will tell you about any additional charges before  proceeding. 


What if the doctor doesn’t keep the appointment?

If the doctor is called away on an emergency we will refund your purchase in full.  We hope that you reschedule another exam.


The eye exam appointment I wanted is no longer shown?

Eye exams are displayed as available.  Exams are taken on a first come, first serve basis

Do I have to pay anything at the doctor’s office?

Your eye examination is PREPAID.  You do not have to make any additional payment for the doctor’s regular exam.  If you agree to additional services for special tests and contact lenses then additional fees might be due.  The doctor will tell you in advance if additional services are extra.


The doctor’s office didn’t have my appointment?

We notify the doctor’s office immediately when you prepay the exam.  We also notify the doctor’s office two-hours prior to your appointment. If the doctor’s office cannot accommodate your visit then we will refund your entire purchase.

Where’s my coupon?

The coupon saving amount is noted in your email confirmation and with the confirmation to the doctor’s office.   You do not need to print a paper coupon.  The doctor’s office will extend the merchandise savings with the purchase of eyeglasses.   


I don’t want to use my coupon with the doctor?

The coupon savings is only good toward the purchase of eyeglasses with that specific doctor’s office.  You do not need to pay for an eye exam to receive this coupon. We will provide the coupon to anyone that requests a coupon by emailing with your requested date and location. The coupon is not valid with any other special offers or insurance benefits.  The coupon expires 30-days from your scheduled exam.



What if I cannot keep my appointment with the patient?

Your confirmation email for the patient’s appointment also provides the contact information.  We ask that your office call the patient and reschedule.  If a mutually agreeable time is not possible we will refund the patient’s entire purchase.


What if the patient doesn’t keep the appointment?

We still pay you.  At your option, you can work with the patient to reschedule but you are under no obligation to reschedule or take the coupon beyond the expiration date.


The patient didn’t have their coupon.

A printed coupon is not required.  Your email confirmation tells you the amount of the coupon you agreed to extend.  You can change your examination dates, fees and merchandise discounts anytime 24/7 online with your doctor login/password credentials.