Eyeglasses are part tools, part fashion, always important and can be quite expensive. You will keep your eyeglasses a long time. Your local optician is trained and experience to help select the best frames and lenses.


Your eye exam provides the corrective prescription for eyeglasses. You now have choices.

  • Regular glass lens, plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses, transition lenses
  • Reading glasses, bi-focal, tri-focal, progressive lens
  • Antireflective coating reduces glare diving at night and while using a computer in an office with fluorescent lighting
  • Polycarbonate is scratch resistant, light weigh, impact resistant and UV protectant. 
  • For strong prescriptions you might consider thinner, lightweight lenses
  • Scratch-resistant coatings, UV tints, and anti-reflective coatings available


Frames compliment your facial structure (round, square, oval, long, and heart-shaped) as well as, hair color, and skin tone. A trained optician will help you select the perfect fit, comfort, and fashion.

Consider a second pair. You’re here now and back-up eyeglasses will come in handy. It is going to be a few years until you get new lens and frames so get the ones now that make you look great and feel comfortable.

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