See Better $75 Eyeglasses … Look Younger $226

The average person spends $226 on eyeglasses.  That seems like a lot when you might buy drug store readers for $19.

Basic eyeglasses are well below $100.  That’s plastic frames with single vision lenses.  You’ll see better with basic eyeglasses and that’s what counts.  That’s what most vision insurance plans provide.

Basic Eyeglasses $75

Basic Eyeglasses Work

Now about looking better, younger, and living more comfortably. 

You want an optician (no charge consultation) in your local doctor’s office to recommend frames that compliment your appearance, your complexion, and the color of your hair.  Good eyeglasses will help you look younger.  They will make you more attractive.  Think $100-$150 for designer frames.

You want the lenses that also make you look younger.  Single vision lens work.  You may need bifocals but get progressive lens and avoid the grandpa look.  Consider the new lightweight, polycarbonate lens materials that appear as eyeglasses of a much younger person. Add another $75 to $100 for good light weight progressive lens.

Now think about one or more of the high-tech coatings that reduce glare and help protect your lens.  Usually $50.  You will appreciate the extra comfort.

Now you have eyeglasses that help you see better and look younger.  You’ll spend $225 to $300 or a bit more but you’ll look great and feel special.  Most eye doctors have special discounts that help reduce your cost.  Don’t forget about the separate exam fee that averages $134 for a total cost of $360.

Eyeglasses that Make You Look Younger

Designer frames, progressive lenses and lightweight materials look younger

You might spend that much on new dress shoes or a great outfit.  Think about your eyeglasses.  They say a lot about you.  Are you contemporary?  Do you have good taste?  Your family and friends appreciate your good looks.

BidmyGlasses helps eye doctors fill appointments that might otherwise go unused.  You get a very special price and credit toward new eyeglasses if you can make one of these special times work.

Cost estimates based on 1,600 optometric practice profiles.  The general cost of frames and lenses based on industry published data. 

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