Why are Eyeglasses so Expensive?

The average cost of an eye exam and eyeglasses is $360.  That’s from 2-years ago.  Today the cost is closer to $400.

Why so expensive?  Because eyeglasses are better and make you look younger.   You can always get a pair of “readers” at the box store for $25.  Single vision lenses that you’ll be taking on and off a dozen times a day.

Why are eyeglasses so expensive

Let’s get real.  If you are 40’ish then eyeglasses are just part of life. With everything else getting older why not get something nice and feel a bit younger?

The eye exam is a requirement.  Likely you only need corrective lenses.  But, if you are one of the few that has something else going on than catch it now and save yourself a lot of grief.  The average eye exam costs about $120 and takes 30-minutes.  If the doctor sees something unusual then he or she will tell you in advance.  Some additional exam tests will cost more.  Most of us will just need corrective lens prescription.

The big cost comes with the eyeglasses.  There are two parts.  The frames need to fit comfortably and compliment your appearance, hair color, and eyes.  You can start with basic frames and spend hundreds of dollars on designer frames.  How much do you spend on shoes?  Outfits? Accessories?   Get something nice you’ll be comfortable with all year. Getting older is tough enough without your eyeglasses making you look even older.

The second part is all about the lenses.  Lots of new technology, light-weight materials, coatings, and treatments.  It just depends on your job.  Indoors a lot?  Working with computer displays? Outdoors?  Safety glasses? If you get the correct lenses you’ll be so much more comfortable.

Eyeglasses can be expensive

Eyeglasses Can Be Expensive

Personally, I like the progressive no-line lenses so I am not distracted.  I like the light-weight materials and the non-glare treatments for computer work.  With the progressive lenses I can move easily from a computer display to my smartphone.

Am I spending more than average?  Yes, but I’m more comfortable and that’s worth it.

Can I save any money?  Yes!  BidmyGlasses helps optometrists fill open exams.  If you can make one of these special exams work then you can save a lot of money.  Some doctors also give you a coupon toward your new eyeglasses.

If you have put off new eyeglasses for two, three or more years then check out BidmyGlasses.  You’ll see better, look younger, and save money.

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