Eye Doctors Houston

We are working hard to get local eye doctors in every Houston community.  BidmyGlasses wants every person that needs an annual eye exam to have local options.   You should be able to find a local eye doctor around your home, school, or work place.  Today, we have options in 5-communities in North Houston and more joining us each day.  If you don’t find an exam appointment that fits your schedule then check back in a week.  We are growing fast.

About eye exams … it’s an important part of your health care.  Don’t let little things become big problems.  In the US approximately 180-million people can benefit from  eye care but only half will see an optometrist.   Some will make do with drug-store glasses.  Some will do without.

BidmyGlasses wants to make it a lot easier to get that checkup and eyeglasses if you need them.  Easy online search.  Convenient appointment selection.   Great savings and even a coupon toward eyeglasses.

Don’t let another year go by without an eye exam.

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