Expect 30-45 minutes.  Every eye exam to be slightly different based on your eye health and your doctor’s assessment of your needs.

    • Anterior Exam including eye lids, lashes, cornea, iris pupil and lens
    • Posterior Examination of the retina, optic nerve, macula, arteries/veins and vitreous
    • Vision Field Screening measuring the eye’s central and peripheral vision
    • Tonometry Test … usually “puff of air” to determine eye pressure
    • Retinoscopy … a tool to determine if a lens prescription is necessary
    • Refraction Test to find corrective lenses that best fit your vision
    • Phoropter Measure for any astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia
    • Cover Test for depth perception and how the eyes work together
    • Slit Lamp Test for eye diseases including cataracts, macular degeneration
    • Dilated Fundus Exam of the internal eye structure. Takes 15-20 minutes more.

Eye examinations are for more than blurred vision and headaches. Annual eye exams help maintain overall health of your eyes.

Contact lenses and Lasik surgery examinations take longer and may include additional charges that the doctor will tell you about before any additional charges are due.