Even thinking about new eyeglasses is tough

Your last checkup was more check than you expected?  But, you know it’s time for new eyeglasses.  Not only are your glasses well-worn but they make you look older!

Tough Decisions Made Easier with BidmyGlasses

New Eyeglasses are easier with BidmyGlasses

BidmyGlasses can make your next eye exam and new eyeglasses easier and save you money.   Just make one of these special exams work.  We help eye doctors fill empty exam times.  They are not always prime times after school or work but they can save you money.  The doctors also provide savings toward new eye ware.  You can even see pictures of their offices, staff, and merchandise selection before you decide.

BidmyGlasses helps you with easy, fast online appointment scheduling.  No phone calls, no long hold times, and no negotiations.  Just pick an exam that fits your schedule.  You’ll see the exam price, savings, and an offer toward your new eye ware.

Now, stop putting off new eyeglasses. Time to see better and look younger.

If it’s been more than two years then click here right away.

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