Easier Eyeglasses and Eye Exams

If you are one of the 75% of adults that can benefit from vision care then you will want to check out BidmyGlasses.

  1. Choose from multiple independent eye doctors
  2. Select doctors by driving distance from your home, school, or office zip code
  3. See pictures of the doctor and their office
  4. Read about the doctor’s background, education, and eye exam
  5. See immediately available exam times.  Same day exams available.
  6. See prices, discounts, and coupons available toward eyeglasses and contact lens
  7. Book online with three clicks
  8. Eliminate the phone hassle.  No “hold please” or “wait-one-moment” for an appointment.
  9. Appointment scheduling available 24/7 every day.  Not just during office hours.
  10. Convenient email confirmation showing your appointment, doctor location, and contact information.
  11. Email or text reminder 2-hours before the exam.
Easier way to eye exams

BidmyGlasses Easier Eye Exams

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