Looking for an eye exam and new eyeglasses?  About 180 million adults can benefit from vision care this year.  Half will see an optometrist and half will postpone, put off, or just forget about it.

Perhaps you have noticed the “daily deals” $249 eye exam savings package for $79 from Groupon, LivingSocial, Google Offers, and even Amazon Local?  They are all good deals.

Consider the deal first.  The eye exam is worth $134.  That’s the average cash cost without any insurance.  Then the deal includes an average $115 credit toward the purchase of eye ware.  Total value $249 for $79.  This is about the lowest cost you can get besides BidmyGlasses.

  1. Do you like the doctor?  The daily deal will tell you about the doctor and the location.  If you are comfortable … keep going.
  2. Be prepared to spend another $109 or more for eyeglasses in addition to the $115 credit included in the deal.  The average eyeglasses cost $224.  If you feel more comfortable with progressive lenses, light-weight materials, designer frames, and glare/sun protection then be prepared to spend more.  But, get eyeglasses you really like.  You’ll ware them for another two years.  Good eyeglasses will help you see better and even look younger.

    Daily Deals and Eye Exams

    Consider Daily Deals and Eye Exams

  3. Be prepared to wait.  The daily deals for eye exams generate 100+ coupon sales for one doctor.  Everyone wants to use the deal immediately because so many of us put off an exam for two and maybe three years.  Here’s the problem for optometrists.  The doctor has regular patients.  Patients with insurance.  Patients that still pay cash.  The doctor can only take 2-3 discount patients per day so there are times available for regular patients.  When a daily deal buyer calls for an appointment it could take 30-50 days to schedule you in.  That’s office days so think 6-10 weeks for a high volume daily deal at only 2 or 3 spots per day.

Daily Deals are some of the best vision care offers.  Shop wisely and call quickly to take full advantage of the offer.

Or, if you don’t want to wait for a daily deal then check out BidmyGlasses.  No waiting for a deal.  You have immediate choices.  Select a location close to home, work, or school.  Check out several doctors, their staffs, and how the office looks.   If you can make one of these special exams work then you will save even more on your eye exam and eyeglasses.  Book immediately and see the doctor this week.

Daily deals are fantastic bargains.  Everything has a cost in time and money.  But, your vision and your good looks are priceless.  Don’t put off another eye exam.  You have choices.

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