Cheap Eye Exams

When you look at “cheap eye exams” be sure to count all the charges.   Sometimes the free exams and free second pair of eyeglasses are not the best deal.   Be aware of all the charges and your options. 

Eye doctors cannot offer BidmyGlasses prices on all their exams and discount at these levels all the time, but if you can make one of these special times work for you … it’s a great deal.

BidmyGlasses Comparisions

Vision Care Options

The average US eye exam costs $134 for the doctor’s examination.  Patients generally spend $226 for eyeglasses.   But with designer frames, advanced lenses, lightweight materials, and special coatings for glare and sun shading the cost of eyeglasses can be much higher.  You’ll wear your eyeglasses everyday so get the best frames and lenses  you need.

Vision Insurance generally provides FREE annual eye exams.  Some plans do have an additional $25 co-payment.  Vision insurance premiums run $15/month or $180 annual premiums.   Vision insurance benefits generally provide a discount of 20% up to $100 toward eyeglasses.  Two-thirds of vision exams include some form of insurance benefits.

National Chains offer a FREE second pair of eye glasses with your exam.  Eyeglasses are generally priced the same or more than independent local doctors.

Walmart is an aggressive vision care provider with eye exams as low as $49.  For comparison the price of eyeglasses shown here is based on the national average discounted 20% to acknowledge Walmart’s generally lower prices. If you don’t mind waiting to see the doctor of the day and can get by with a limited selection of eyeglasses then this is a good deal.

Daily Dealers like Groupon, LivingSocial, Google Offers, and Amazon Local usually run one or more eye exam offers each month.   Look for a $249 savings package for a $79 buy in.  Doctors limit the daily number of customers with coupons and it might take 4-6 weeks to schedule your exam after you buy-in the daily deal.

BidmyGlasses offers eye exams as low as $65 and a credit toward eyeglasses for as much as $100 or more.  See a doctor of your choice.  Schedule exams online anytime.  Choose from hundreds of exams available but you need to choose one of these special times.

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