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Vision Patients Want Real Eye Exam Scheduling

Patients book airlines, hotels, and vacations online.  They also want scheduling convenience for eye exams. BidmyGlasses can now help optometrists book real exam times online.  No phone calls.  Patients select from REAL EXAM times and complete the enrollment online.  No … Continue reading

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Last Minute Eye Exams – Special Times – Special Offers

Last minute openings happen all the time.  Hotels, cruses, air travel, and eye exams. Even the best doctors have some last minute unfilled eye exams.  BidmyGlasses helps optometrists fill those last minute exams and helps patients save money.  BidmyGlasses connects … Continue reading

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Paying for Vision Insurance?

If your generous employer still provides FREE vision insurance then take it! Bravo!  Ask the benefits be applied toward the rising cost of regular healthcare insurance.  Then get a better deal buying your own vision care. The cost of vision … Continue reading

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BidmyGlasses … where are you?

There are 33,340 optometrists providing 90-million eye examinations every year.  Optometrists work very hard 250 days each year with 16 daily exam openings.  That is 134 million eye exams every year.  Some industry data suggests only 90-million see an eye … Continue reading

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Why is booking an eye exam so complicated?

Eye examinations are easy.  Booking an eye exam is complicated.  So complicated half of all potential patients will ignore annual vision care. Delay until it is no longer possible to put up with old eyeglasses and strained vision. The choice … Continue reading

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Patients Searching for Vision Care

BidmyGlasses wants to help the 30-million people that need vision care and do not have vision insurance.  Not every employer provides vision insurance benefits.  Vision insurance is expensive.  Without employer benefits vision insurance can cost $20/month/person.  $240 a year. For … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Patients Delay Eye Exams

1.  Couldn’t find a doctor.  Wanted someone close to work but didn’t want just the first name in the directory. My last eye exam and eye doctor cost too much. 2.  Couldn’t decide on a doctor I liked.  Women say … Continue reading

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Optometrist … are you available? Really?

Optometry is really long, hard work.  Most likely, you and an associate, staff the office six-days Monday thru Saturday.  You stay open 9 am to 6 pm with only one break. So, are you available?  Most patients would say NO! … Continue reading

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When Patients look for Optometrists … you are not there

59% of patients look for optometrists online after regular Monday-Friday, 9-5 office hours. Only 41% of patients search during regular office hours for an eye doctor and eye exams. Life is busy. Working moms looking for family eye care are … Continue reading

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BidmyGlasses can help with the cost of Eye Exams

Three out of four adults can benefit from vision care.  Take a dozen adults.  Three have lucky genes and perfect vision.  There’s also young, healthy, and just a matter of time.  Can you say 40? Same dozen people, the remaining … Continue reading

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