Cash Patients, Eye Doctors, and Vision Insurance

About two-thirds of the 90-million eye exams each year are covered by vision insurance.  That’s 60-million lucky people.  The 30-million of us paying cash also have to pay with time and effort to find a convenient and available optometrist.

BidmyGlasses helps locate eye doctors  by zip code, driving distances, and shows available appointments by day and time.  Cash paying patents for eye exams and eyeglasses enjoy the same kind of search tools available with premium vision insurance plans.  BidmyGlasses goes further and helps cash paying patients with savings for booking one of these special appointments.

Not every exam can be discounted.  But, there’s always one or two each day that go unfilled.  Cash paying patients that want to save money and time can do well with BidmyGlasses.  Optometrists don’t mind the discounts for these special exams when they keep busy all day.

Check out the savings with BidmyGlasses, the search tools, and the convenience of booking exams online when you are ready.

Oh, for those with vision insurance … we’ll still help you book the exam but we cannot provide the cash savings in addition to your insurance benefits.

BidmyGlasses Checkout

Checkout with savings or insurance

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