Building you Optometric Practice

After years of school, apprenticing, and hard work … your new practice is open.  Great location, new office furniture, lots of inventory, attractive staff, and that empty exam chair.

There are three other optometrists in the zip code and two more national chains near the mall.  They have been there forever.  Employees with vision insurance seem to go to the same doctors over and over.   It’s hard to get new patients.  You are building your reputation in the community.   You are a church member.  You are active at your children’s school.  You even tried advertising.  You have tried them all … community papers, a billboard, radio, and the yellow pages.

Okay you are on the path toward progress and see 8-10 patients per day in your new practice leaving 6 empty exam times.

You even did one of those daily deals for 80% off and saw new patients.  Word is spreading about your friendly, through exams and great optician.  But, you cannot discount every exam.

BidmyGlasses can help.  Here’s the opportunity.  Half of all adults that need vision care

Open Eye Exam Times

BidmyGlasses helps fill open eye exam times

put off seeing an optometrist this year.  Maybe even put off an eye exam for two or three years.  Not everyone has vision insurance.  Some patients don’t want to see their last optometrist because they were not prepared for the expense. There isn’t an easy way to find a new eye doctor and convenient location.  Then, the appointment negotiation over the phone never works well.  About the cost … one-third of vision care patients pay cash.  Every little bit helps.  We all have to see.

BidmyGlasses helps fill just those recurring open exam times.  You know the exams that are always empty.  You can reach cash patients and those that tend to skip exams two, three and even four years.  You offer special savings for just the difficult times you want to fill.  Add an incentive toward the purchase of eyeglasses or contact lens.  We make it convenient for patients to find you, your office, and your special offers.  We help patients book exams online so they don’t lose time at work.  They fill your open exam times.

Optometrists can join BidmyGlasses and be engaged in 24-hours.  Just email us and we’ll take care of the details.  Or, let those open exam times go bye.

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