Why BidmyGlasses?

For Patients that Need Eyeglasses

We both know the problem.   Those smartphones keep getting smaller and harder to read. Plus,  our current eyeglasses are not so current anymore.

BidmyGlasses Helps

Help to find an eye exam

It’s been a while since that last eye exam. Perhaps you remember it was so expensive … maybe surprisingly expensive?   Okay, it’s out.  No vision insurance benefits.   It’s too expensive and your putting off your eye exam as long as possible.

BidmyGlasses can help.  No bidding involved.  Just powerful online tools to find an eye doctor near work, home, or school.  Check out the doctor’s office pictures.  See available dates and times.  If you can make one of these special times work then you’ll save on the exam and even a bit more toward your new eyeglasses.    You can even book the exam online without any phone hassle.  Come on, you know you need new eyeglasses.  It’s been 2, 3, or maybe 4-years.  Not only are you going to see better, but you’ll look younger.  Now, go book an eye exam and get new eyeglasses.

For Eye Doctors

Discounting never feels good.  Everybody should just pay a fair price for exams and eyeglasses.  But, take another look at your exam schedule.  The average optometrist fills 70% of their daily schedule.  You know the exams that are always empty.  It hurts to have such a nice office, pleasant staff, big inventory, and an empty exam chair.

BidmyGlasses can help you fill those difficult exam times.   Cash paying patients that make a special effort to see you when you are not busy deserve special attention.  We’re not discounting every exam just open times you want to fill.  We’ll even help you book your prime times without any discounts or cost to you.

You benefit.  The cash paying patient gets a little help.  We all see things a little better.

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